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Casemates du Bock

Les casemates du Bock

In the old fortress of Luxembourg, (World Heritage Site by UNESCO), the Bock casemates are a maze of 23 km of underground corridors intended originally to house the soldiers, their equipment and the horses, but also all the activities necessary for their survival (bakeries, kitchens, workshops, ...). During a tour, guided or not, D'Casematen (in the original language) will unveil the mysteries of Luxembourg.

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Mudam museum in Luxembourg

Musée Mudam au Luxembourg

This is THE contemporary art museum not to be missed! The architecture in itself (designed by the renowned Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei, famous for the Louvre pyramid) deserves a visit of this interesting building ... not to mention the stunning panoramic view! Contemporary exhibitions from all over the world and great artists are regular there and make it a unique place with a strong personality in constant movement.

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